I am Lisa Poutiainen, 92 born artist from Kouvola, Finland. For me art is bringing imagination to reality and something you can physically touch. Animals, games, fairytales and myths are my inspiration so those themes are highly visible in my work.

On my free time I play videogames, draw, act in a theater group and do cosplay-costumes. I also collect cute 80/90's toys. My own personal fursuit is Manteli-sheep.

⋆ Education: Visual Arts, Lapland UAS (2011-2015)
⋆ Graphic designer in Mimicon comic convention (2013-2016)
⋆ Animator assistant in Gigglebug -cartoon production (2015-2017)
⋆ Finnish Cosplay Champion 2017. I also represented Finland in 2018 in two internation cosplay competitions: World Cosplay Masters in Portugal and Nordic Cosplay Championships in Sweden. I have also acted as a judge in many cosplay competitions.
⋆ Art director in Valitut Lapset - Digimon play production (2017-2019)