I am Lisa Poutavirta, 92 born artist from Kouvola, Finland. For me art is bringing imagination to reality and something you can physically touch.

On my free time I play videogames, draw, act in a theater group and do cosplay-costumes. I also collect cute 80/90's toys. My own personal fursuit is Manteli-sheep.

⋆ Education: Visual Arts, Lapland UAS (2011-2015)
⋆ Graphic designer in Mimicon comic convention (2013-2016)
⋆ Animator assistant in Gigglebug -cartoon production (2015-2017)
⋆ Finnish Cosplay Champion 2017. I also represented Finland in 2018 in two internation cosplay competitions: World Cosplay Masters in Portugal and Nordic Cosplay Championships in Sweden. I have also acted as a judge in many cosplay competitions.
⋆ Art director in Valitut Lapset - Digimon play production (2017-2019)
⋆ Business Lisan Otuspaja - Lisa's Creature Crafts officially founded in 2018