Fursuits are (animal) mascot costumes built from fake fur and foam. They differ from regular mascot costumes with their smaller size and the higher amount of details. The most important part of a fursuit is of course the head but in addition you may order other parts such as paws for hands or feet, tail, sleeves, shirt, pants or a full bodysuit. I can also make only the ears.

I built my fursuit heads completely from foam and I cover them with fake fur or fleece. A moveable jaw is possible when thick elastic bands are installed inside. The heads can be opened from the back via zipper or velcro. For eyes you may choose cartoony static eyes or with 3d-following effect, or more realistic painted glass eyes. The nose is made from either crafting clay or from fabric like pleather or feelce. All my tails have belt loops for easy attachment and an optional ironwire core which gives life to the tail's movement. On bigger tails I use foam.

The legs of the suit can be padded which creates an animalistic digitigrade illusion. This is a great effect in fullsuits and faun legs.

I recommend ordering multiple parts at the same time, for example a partail fursuit (head, handpaws and tail). This way I can ensure the parts are exactly the same color and we can agree on a bundle price.

Cleaning & maintenance

Here's some general quidelines to take care of your suit so it will last beautiful as long as possible. Please contact me if you have more questions.

- Wear a cooling sportswear under your suit to collect most of your sweat. This way you don't have to wash the suit itself so often. You can wear a balaclava under the fursuit head for the same reason.
- Let your fursuit head and parts cool and dry properly after every time your wear it. Never store the suit if it's even slightly damp.
- Disinfect the inside of the head with a small mixture of alcohol and water (wipe with a rag or use mist). Avoid rubbing the eyes or other painted parts.
- For spot removal use a rag and mild soap. Use lukewarm water since too hot water will ruin the fake fur.
- Brush your suit after every wear so it will look pretty and fluffy. Especially the crotch and arpits can get matted. Metal slicker brush ment for pets is great for a fursuit as well.
- Before storing the suit check that nothing is proken so that your costume is ready for the next time.
- Store your costume in a room temperature and dry place. Don't leave the head crushed under or between anything.

Tips & notes!

- It gets really hot inside a fursuit-costume and the wearer gets out of breath quite easily even when the muzzle of the suit is completely hollow. I don't recommend a fursuit head for a person with breathing conditions.
- You can see out from a fursuit-head's eyes and mouth (with glass eyes you see through the black part next to the eyes). Note that the visibility is very limited and that is why I recommend having a handler with you while wearing the costume outside.
- Notes on colors! White gets dirty very easily so you need to clean it more often than other colors. Black in turn is quite difficult to photograph and it absorbs the heat from the sun more than the other colors.


Plushie-like decorations where the head is sculpted from craft clay and the body is soft with an iron wire core. Art dolls are poseable and their size can vary a lot. Please note that art dolls will not hold a rough play and are not recommended for children.


Expressive soft creatures whose movements you control from inside with your hand, usually the mouth of the creature.


Large animal onesie made of fleece. The hood has an applique of the character's face.